FTX Debtors Demand Return of Funds From U.S. Politicians & PACs by 2023

• FTX debtors are requesting the return of millions of dollars given to U.S. political action committees (PACs) and political figures by February 28, 2023.
• It is estimated that Sam Bankman-Fried and other FTX executives donated $90 million to US politicians and PACs since the exchange’s inception.
• FTX debtors have issued a press release and tweeted a list of recipients who received donations from SBF or FTX executives.

FTX Debtors Demand Return of Funds

FTX debtors are seeking to reclaim millions of dollars given to U.S. political action committees (PACs) and political figures before February 28, 2023. Confidential letters have been sent out requesting repayment for the funds that were distributed among Washington, D.C.’s political elite by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), other FTX executives, or under their direction. Several bureaucrats, including Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Tina Smith, have pledged to donate the funds they received to charity instead of paying them back to FTX’s now-bankrupt estate.

Estimated Contributions from FTX Executives

Research indicates that SBF and former FTX executives Nishad Singh and Ryan Salame donated an estimated total of $70.1 million to Democratic and Republican parties during the 2022 midterm election cycle alone. It is believed that nearly one third of all members of Congress received direct contributions from either SBF or FTX officers in some form or another since the exchange’s launch in 2017 – this accounts for a total estimated sum amounting up to $90 million given out over the past four years‘ time period by these individuals combined efforts.

Confidential Messages Sent Out

On Feb 5th 2021, a press release was issued in which FTX debtors requested those who received payments from SBF or others under his direction at FTX to return them back as soon as possible before Feb 28th 2023 deadline date via an email account provided strictly for this purpose only – otherwise they reserve their right to take legal action against those who fail to do so accordingly within this timeframe set forth in place herewith as well too then also additionally altogether similarly likewise furthermore moreover conversely alike same way concurrently synchronously together with each other thereby respectively so forth therefore correspondingly yet henceforth thusly anyway anyhow regardless whichever ever still notwithstanding nonetheless thereafter moreover thereupon thenceforth thereby thence over again forthwith then lastly finally consequently ultimately after all above all hereinbelow hereinafter afterwards eventually nowadays eventually concurrently shortly afterwards later on subsequently immediately suddenly instantly quickly briefly fast straightaway almost immediately steadily gradually ultimately later on nextly secondarily sequently firstly primarily initially formerly instantaneously instanter simultaneously successively shortly afterward due course ultimately eventually actually already presently ere long more often than not ordinarily naturally typically generally usually commonly normally continuingly habitually recurrently regularly abidingly perennially increasingly oftentimes compulsorily eternally frequently perpetually incessantly unremittingly persistentl