The Russian woman registered on the cryptographic platform and lost 700,000 rubles

A resident of the Kemerovo region wanted to earn money from cryptovite trading, but eventually fell victim to a scammer.

The regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that a 57-year-old woman from Mezhdurechensk had lost 700,000 roubles. She visited several websites on the Internet that contained information on investments in digital assets.

The woman then registered on one of the sites and indicated her contacts. A man contacted her by phone and offered to install a cryptotrading application.

A resident of Mezhdurechensk installed the programme on her smartphone and opened an account in her personal office. She then made a deposit of 700,000 roubles and began carrying out operations according to instructions.

Her income supposedly even increased. As a result, she decided to withdraw her money along with the profit she received. However, the woman could no longer take the money to Bitcoin Investor, and the cheater told her that her account was „frozen“ and he could not help her.

Only then did the victim realise that she had been robbed and went to the police.

Against the backdrop of a cryptographic hippie, many Russians become victims of swindlers. Recently a resident of Chelyabinsk tried to buy tokens, but eventually lost 319,000 rubles.